006: 2014 MedCity News Converge Recap

2014 MedCity News Converge

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Feature of the week: Med City News Converge

Converge is a healthcare innovation conference, sponsored by Chris Seper and his team. They do a great job of bringing a variety of experts in the field all together to talk about what’s working, what’s not, what’s next.  You get the whole picture of what’s going on currently  because there is representation from the entire ecosystem of  healthcare including hospitals, startups, venture capitalists, digital health professionals, mobile tech companies, biotech firms, health insurances, health IT, medical device manufacturers and accountable care organizations. 

Panel and Keynote Highlights Dr. Stephen Klasko of Jefferson Health system talk about how his health system is implementing new technologies, quality initiatives, that are helping to change their health systems culture of safety. Watching a really cool demo of a telehealth patient-doctor visit now available through Jefferson Health. Occupational health for their employees. Virtual patient rounds where designated family members can listen/watch & interact will be available in 2015 at Jefferson Health.  Andrea Ippolito presented “Hacking Is Changing Healthcare” 

“There is truly no better time to be an entrepreneur in healthcare.” ~Andrea Ippolito

Hackathons are a marathon session, usually 2-3 days long where patients, providers and front line staff  pitch problems and the ultimate goal is to  create a solution and have a good framework ready to take away for next steps that can be implemented. Those solutions can be I.T. related and require computer programming or it could be a concept for a product, process or service. The key to successful hackathons = diverse stakeholders: 1/4 Providers, 1/4 designers, 1/4 engineers, 1/4 entrepreneurs. 

“Use principles from design thinking to follow the patient journey to identify problems that need to be fixed”~Andrea Ippolito

Wearable Technology Dr. Rivas from Stanford Medicine uses Google Glass in O.R. for surgery checklists.

“We go through really strict procedures to implement wearables into practice.” ~Dr. Homero Rivas

The institutional review board (IRB) oversees all human subject research to ensure that ethical policies are being followed. Wearable tech for patient monitoring: must be truly wearable, unintrusive to lifestyle, not a nuisance & must be comfortable. Wearable tech can bridge the gap between the  hospital & home by monitoring the patient for 30 days after discharge. This can help avoid unnecessary readmissions.

“Vulnerabilities of PHI do exist in current cloud based storage systems.” ~2014 MedCity News Converge, The Best Uses For Wearable Technology Panel

The future looks bright for healthcare innovation 

“Looking for health info is the 3rd most popular activity online. 50% is from mobile devices” ~Katie Akbari of Google

Start up showcase

The best part of the conference for me was being able to take a few minutes and chat with a few of the startups about the products and services they offer to you the consumer that will  help you better manage your health and healthcare. The Sound Bites

Self Care Catalysts – Grace Soyao, CEO

Orpyx.com  – Stephanie Zakala, Marketing and Sales Manager

Alzbetter.com – Andrew Dubler

RockHopperZSG.com – Jay Crawford, MD, Founder

Aprilage.com – Alexandra Brown, President

I had a great time hitting road to find out what’s going in the world of healthcare innovations. There are so many new tools and services now that allow us to participate more easily & conveniently in managing our health conditions. There really is less of an excuse to stay healthier longer. 

Healthy Inspirational Quote

“The doctor of the future will give no medicines, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the causes and prevention of disease.” ~Thomas Edison

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