012: Colon Cancer Awareness with Wade Hayes and Dr. Manish Shah

On today’s show I’m speaking with Dr. Manish Shah and Wade Hayes about Colon Cancer.  March is colon cancer awareness month and it’s my pleasure to have these 2 gentleman on the show to discuss Wade’s powerful story about his journey with colon cancer. He is now a brave survivor and he’s telling his story through song and through advocacy efforts such as appearing as a guest on the show today to raise awareness about this potentially … [Read more...]

011: Cholesterol Counts

February is heart health awareness month. One of the important risk factors for heart disease and heart attack is high cholesterol. It’s important to understand that all cholesterol is not created equal. Therefore, it is broken down into good and bad cholesterol. You can be proactive by visiting your primary care doctor and having your cholesterol checked. It is a simple battery of blood tests that typically include what’s known as a lipid … [Read more...]

010: Heart Healthy Diet with Dr. Steven Nissen

Featured guest: Dr. Steven Nissen, Chief of Cardiology, Cleveland Clinic February is Heart Health Awareness month. Today’s show is the 1st of 2 shows on Health Heart Awareness. I’m really honored to have a Dr. Steven Nissen as a guest on the show today. As you may know, February is heart health awareness month in the United States. Heart disease is the number 1 killer of both men and women. Dr. Nissen shares some important new research … [Read more...]

009: Thyroid Health Awareness

Featured guests: Dr. Mack Harrell and Dr. Yehuda Handelsman January is Thyroid Health Awareness month. Learn about your thyroid and questions you should be asking you healthcare provider at: http://thyroidawareness.com/ [FREE printable] Feel comfortable starting the conversation with your doctor and pharmacist with these 10 questions. Click HERE to download.  Healthy Inspirational Quote “Running slowly isn’t a character flaw, quitting … [Read more...]

008: Functional Medicine with Dr. Carri Drzyzga

Health News Headline Flu season is almost here! Get vaccinated to protect you and your family. Flu season peaks in the U.S. between December and February. However, seasonal flu activity can begin as early as October and continue to occur as late as May. CDC recommendations: Everyone 6 months and older should be vaccinated each year. Flu vaccines are offered by many doctor’s offices, clinics, health departments, pharmacies and college health … [Read more...]

007: Ask Dr. Drai, OB-GYN

Health News Headline Surgeon general issues skin cancer warning  Feature of the Week This portion of the show contains adult content Dr. Drai is spilling the medical "T" on BirthControl, Infertility, Menopause, and Pap Smears. Connect with Dr. Drai online at DrDrai.com, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest. Menopause To help manage symptoms, Dr. Drai recommends: Keep a fan handy Stay hydrated, drink more water Exercise; … [Read more...]

006: 2014 MedCity News Converge Recap

In this week’s health news headline http://www.ihealthbeat.org/articles/2014/7/14/insurers-pairing-with-telehealth-companies-to-increase-patient-access Feature of the week: Med City News Converge Converge is a healthcare innovation conference, sponsored by Chris Seper and his team. They do a great job of bringing a variety of experts in the field all together to talk about what’s working, what’s not, what’s next.  You get the whole … [Read more...]

005: Ask the Pharmacist with Dr. Goldina Erowele

Health News Headline Uterine fibroid removal technique comes under FDA scanner over cancer concerns  Ask The Pharmacist with Dr. Goldina Erowele This week we are asking the pharmacist about medication safety and also talking about caregiving. Mentioned On The Show needymeds.org - Find help with the cost of medicine Directory of Resources for Patients and Caregivers Disposal of Unused Medicines   Medication Safety Manage … [Read more...]

004: Health Benefits of Yoga

Health News Headline L’Oreal Settles FTC Complaints of False Advertising of Skin Care Products Feature of the Week : Health Benefits of Yoga with Ananda Leeke, Yoga Instructor We're dicussing: General core principles/components of yoga, along with the various kinds of yoga.  Some of the possible health benefits of yoga? Which type of yoga is good for a beginner?   How often to practice for optimum health benefits? What characteristics … [Read more...]

003: Patient Advocacy: How Family and Friends Can Help [Podcast]

Session 3 Listen in iTunes Health News Headline of the Week Obesity surgery may ‘cure’ diabetes for 15 years Feature of the week: Patient Advocacy How family and friends can help What is a patient advocate? An advocate can be a spouse, parent, child, sibling, friend or it can even be a hired professional. The primary role of the advocate is to be a support for the patient. Why is it important to have an advocate? Most often, the patient … [Read more...]