012: Colon Cancer Awareness with Wade Hayes and Dr. Manish Shah

colon cancer awareness
On today’s show I’m speaking with Dr. Manish Shah and Wade Hayes about Colon Cancer.  March is colon cancer awareness month and it’s my pleasure to have these 2 gentleman on the show to discuss Wade’s powerful story about his journey with colon cancer. He is now a brave survivor and he’s telling his story through song and through advocacy efforts such as appearing as a guest on the show today to raise awareness about this potentially deadly disease. Colorectal cancers affects approximately 140,000 people in the US each year and tend to affect people over 50, but as you’ll hear from Wade, younger people are impacted by this disease too.

Mentioned On The  Show

goliveyourlife.com  Download Wade Hayes new song and a dollar will go to the Colon Cancer Alliance Blue Note Fund.

Healthy Inspirational Quote

“He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.” Thomas Carlyle


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